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The Granholm Administration, Year One: An Evaluation

Gov. Jennifer Granholm has earned a letter grade of "B-minus" for her first year — above average as governors go, but with plenty of room for improvement. … more

Ask The Economist: The Benefits of Right-To-Work Laws; and What Is Inflation?

Are right-to-work laws beneficial for all unionized workers? Is a little inflation good for the economy? Ask the economist. … more

Some Subtler Arguments for Tariffs

Do tariffs save jobs? Do they reduce trade deficits? Do they help infant industries become established? Do they enhance national security? No, no, no and no.  … more

Public Policy and American Business: The Privatization Revolution

In the past decade, a revolution has been taking place both in America and overseas, in which duties that should never have been the preserve of government in the first place, are being placed back into private hands.  … more

Privatization, Profits and School Unions

The Michigan Education Association announces its support for profit-making in schools, as long as they get the profits. … more

Federal Labor Law Aggravates Northern Michigan Hospital Strike

By failing to recognize the diversity of interests among workers, the National Labor Relations Act has aggravated the nurses' strike at Northern Michigan Hospital. … more

Greater Transparency Could Have Helped Budget Battlers

Governor Granholm and the state Legislature might have put together a budget without higher taxes, had greater budget transparency revealed a host of non-critical, non-core items.  … more

Charities Lobby for Higher Taxes

The recent spectacle of charitable institutions protesting and lobbying for government grants showed just how far government has co-opted civil society.  … more

Mackinac Center Applauds DNR's Contract for Private Management of State-Owned Ski Area

Since when is owning and maintaining ski resorts a legitimate function of government? Now that "the Porkies" are being privately managed, Michigan's Department of Natural Resources should sell the ski area outright.  … more

Why Michigan Should Start Refusing Federal Funds

Just because a government program is partially funded by the federal government doesn't mean it should be immune from consideration for budget cuts.  … more

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