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  1. Let Them Work: Solutions for Michigan’s Overbearing Occupational Licensing Laws

    Occupational licensing is now the biggest issue in labor economics, with even more of an effect than unions.  On a national basis 25 percent of all Americans need the government’s permission and specific credentials before they can work.  That is more than twice as many people who are members of unions—11 percent and declining—and 25 times the number who earn the minimum wage.

  2. West Virginia House Vote Could Tip National Scale on Right-to-Work

    State poised to become 26th right-to-work state

  3. February 5, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Flint water bill rebates, dark skies, tax breaks for developers

  4. Little Evidence That Unions Make Workers Safer
    right-to-work, injury
  5. Poor Decisions, Not Funding System, Fuel Detroit Schools’ Woes

    DPS has benefited from state loan program

  6. Tax Cuts Beat Selective Favors in Economic Growth

    Only broad changes will improve the state's economy

  7. School District Thwarts Transparency With Unnecessary Costs
  8. Right-to-Work States Enjoying Faster Job Growth
  9. Michigan Competitiveness Stuck on Mediocre

    Economic outlook has improved, but could be better

  10. Nastiest Bumper Sticker Ever

    Addressing common misconceptions about capitalism

  11. School District Used Second-Graders to Urge Tax Vote
  12. Blizzard Hits East Coast But Climate Change Not Blamed
  13. Friends of Freedom

    Featuring Michigan Speaker of the House Kevin Cotter

  14. School Transportation News Features Center Study

    Survey of school service privatization 

  15. Like Taxpayer-Funded Electioneering for Tax Hikes? Here’s a Bill for You

    Legislation would gut new taxpayer-friendly restrictions

  16. Bills Would Repeal Legislators', Governor's Open Records Law Exemptions
  17. College Grads Attracted to Opportunity Before Bike Lanes

    To increase college grads, increase opportunities for all

  18. Big Turnout, Crossover Voters May Spice Up Michigan's Presidential Primary
  19. Stage Set For West Virginia to Become Next Right-to-Work State
  20. Taxing Matters: Michigan's Middling Rank

    Michigan tax burden mediocre; improvements can be made

  21. Right-to-Work States Have Faster Income Growth
  22. Government’s Free Pass to Trespass

    Some homeowners find property assessor guidelines objectionable

  23. January 29, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Flint crisis money, drone bans, animal abuser checks

  24. In Memoriam: Bruce Beerbower
  25. House May Push Back Against Snyder's Detroit School Plan
  26. State: 'Secure Our Future' NOT Code for 'Vote Yes on Tax Hike' (wink, wink)
  27. Vernuccio Testifies on Right-to-Work in West Virginia

    Director of Labor Policy described how states benefit from worker freedom

  28. Sports Stadium Deals Consistently Strike Out

    Cities fail to negotiate deals that protect taxpayers

  29. Director of Research Speaks at Operation Action U.P.

    Van Beek discusses effects of and solutions to over regulation

  30. Debate Rages Over How Often Government Pushes For A 'Yes' Vote on Tax Hikes
  31. Give Michigan Special-Needs Students Fair Access to the Best Options

    Michigan should consider a full range of choice

  32. Mackinac in the News for School Choice Week

    Op-eds highlight benefits of educational options

  33. Myth-Busting the Michigan 'Gag Order' Law
    What Senate Bill 571 actually does
  34. Senate Acts, House Dallies on Pension Spiking and Union Release Time Bills
  35. Detroit Teachers Make More Than Twice Average Household
  36. It's Time to Expand Public Records Transparency

    It's time to expand public records transparency

  37. Correct Union Right-to-Work Analogy: Like Firing Vegetarians for Not Buying Meat
  38. Whistleblowers Allege Police Pension Spiking Scheme
  39. Center Featured in West Virginia Media

    West Virginia could become 26th right-to-work state

  40. Pension Reform Failure Cost Michigan Taxpayers $6 Billion or More

    It harms current employees and retirees as well

  41. Copy of Thank You for Supporting CapCon!
  42. Bills Impose Accountability on Powerful Historic Districts
  43. Copy of Thank You for Supporting the Center!
  44. Detroit is Not Really Tracking the 'Comp Time' of its Employees
  45. Michigan Can Do More On Occupational Licensing
    Free event in Lansing next month
  46. January 22, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Flint water money, driving while stoned, more

  47. Don't Blame Lack of Money for Deplorable Conditions in Detroit Schools
  48. Removing Someone Else's Dog Collar Could Mean Jail Time
  49. In West Virginia Right-to-Work Debate, Unions Re-Use Scare Story Script
  50. Hit Rewind: Union Trots Out False 'School Cuts' Claim (Again)
  51. How the Flint Water Story Was Uncovered
  52. Indicted Detroit Principal Claims Robin Hood Status, Collected Six-Figure Paychecks
  53. Group Seeks to Press Tesla Sales Issue in Lansing
  54. Republican Senators Propose Sales Tax Increase for Roads
  55. Pity the Pollsters: Cellphones Complicate Fraught Process
  56. West Virginia Could Become 26th Right-to-Work State
  57. CON Law Restricts Patient Access to Critical Health Care Services

    State gets no benefit from protectionist rationing scheme

  58. January 15, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Occupational licensure mandates, African-American needs, more

  59. Money, Not Governance, Appears Main Focus of New Detroit School Proposal
  60. Read This Or You May Die
  61. Michigan Universities Doing Just Fine

    And without more taxpayer money

  62. City: Vote 'Yes' On Tax Hike or You May Die
  63. The Numbers Behind Upcoming Adequacy Study

    Michigan students slow to improve, despite increased funding

  64. Detroit School Bailout Jeopardized by Teacher Sickouts
  65. Statewide Ridesharing Regulations

    A simple solution to the Uber lawsuit

  66. Michigan’s Next Criminal Intent Challenge

    Many local ordinances would benefit from reform

  67. Supreme Court Tone Appears to Favor Ending Agency Fees to Unions
  68. Pravda Worked for the Kremlin, Why Not Here?
  69. In Michigan, $1.5 Billion Powerball Pot Just $522 Million After Taxes
  70. Unions Do Not Benefit All Employees

    Friedrichs is a case study in how unions can benefit some at the expense of others

  71. Vernuccio Op-ed Published on

    Labor policy director discusses Friedrichs case in press

  72. State Legislature Looking to Address Detroit School Sickouts
  73. Detroit District Teachers Stage Sickout; Charter Teachers Go to Work
  74. This Supreme Court Case Could Forever Change Government Unions
  75. Detroit Teacher Sickout Strike Causes 80 Percent of Students to Miss School
  76. Union Officials Spin Lawsuit Doom and Disinformation, Members Don’t Buy It
  77. Ratepayers vs. Monopoly: How Will Next Utilities Commissioner Rule?
  78. Union Activists Protest Opposition to Coerced Union Dues
  79. Michigan Voters Will Now Have to Select Their Politicians Individually
  80. Mackinac Center Subject of SEIU Protest

    Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association at issue

  81. New Taxpayer-Funded Electioneering Restrictions Anger Local Government Tax Hikers
  82. Fewer Opportunity Seekers Flee Michigan

    The number of customers heading out of Michigan was largely offset by the number moving into the state.

  83. MEA Announces Violation of Right-to-Work Law, Says Members May Leave at Anytime

    Notice published in official magazine

  84. Michigan Economy No Longer Dependent on Auto Industry
  85. The Real Problem with Government Pensions

    Hint: It's not markets or greedy workers

  86. Political Reasons, Not Economic Ones, Keep Corporate Welfare Agency Alive
  87. Star Wars Made $1 Billion in 10 Days; Feds Spend That Much During Every Showing
  88. Weekly Standard Features Mackinac Center Research

    Examining government alcohol control across the country

  89. Vernuccio Quoted on UAW Bullying in The Detroit News

    Coverage of intimidation by UAW local

  90. Rebecca Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association
  91. Schools Seek New Property Tax Powers
  92. Michigan’s Walkathon Ban: A Repeal 80 Years in the Making
  93. Use a Charter School Board to Reorganize Detroit Public Schools
  94. Schools and Locals Electioneer for Tax Hikes, State Nods
  95. What You Read Last Year: Our Top Stories of 2015
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