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  1. Detroit Children’s Business Fair
    Hosted by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and Junior Achievement of Southeastern Michigan in partnership with Acton Academies and Acton MBA, the Detroit Children’s Business Fair gives kids ages 6-14 a safe space to practice entrepreneurship. Applications for businesses are open until April 15, and the marketplace is free and open to the public.
  2. Detroit Children’s Business Fair
    Hosted by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and Junior Achievement of Southeastern Michigan in partnership with Acton Academies and Acton MBA, the Detroit Children’s Business Fair gives kids ages 6-14 a safe space to practice entrepreneurship. Applications for businesses are open until April 15, and the marketplace is free and open to the public.
  3. Children of Monsters: The Strange Lives of Children of Dictators

    Please join us at Northwood University as Jay Nordlinger, senior editor at National Review, presents his book "Children of Monsters: An Inquiry into the Sons and Daughters of Dictators."

  4. Better Managed Moose Get $203k From 'Critical' Great Lakes Funds
  5. You, Too, Can Be A Certified Media Fact-Checker For Just $99
  6. Why Mackinac Published Names and Wages of Government Workers in a Searchable Database
  7. Michigan Capitol Confidential
  8. Firing Police, Concealed Pistol Regs, Internet Games Not Gambling
    March 24, 2017, MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  9. Union Privileges Cost Veterans
    Providing unions with "official time" hurts the important work of the VA
  10. Do High Tax States Grow Faster?
  11. Great Lakes Restoration: $62k For 'Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience'
  12. Mackinac Center Temporarily Removes Some State Employee Salaries from Database After Questioning Accuracy of State Data
    Website contains salary info of nearly 300,000 government workers for each of the past three years
  13. Government Transparency Groups Announce Database of Public Employee Salaries
    Website contains salary info of nearly 300,000 government workers for each of the past three years
  14. Governor's Commission Rejects Voters' Judgment On More Windmills
  15. -untitled-
  16. Superintendent: We Don't Have Money To Give Top Teachers Merit Pay
  17. Wellspring Prep Growing Strong
    Diverse Grand Rapids charter readies kids for college
  18. Good With His Hands, But Sidelined By Massage License Requirement
  19. Governor's Tourism Conference Must Address Pure Michigan Shortfalls
    Mackinac Center analyst offers counterpoint to state’s promotion campaign
  20. $581k In Great Lakes Restoration Money For Mohawk Tribe To Talk Fish, Tribal Beliefs
  21. Henry Ford Community College Gets 'Yellow Light' Rating for Speech Code
  22. Michigan Wants to Fine Schools for Indian Mascots But Not for Violating State Laws
  23. Michigan’s Regulatory Laws Lead to Fewer Jobs, More Crime
    Licensing rules are a criminal justice issue
  24. Flashing Lights, Beaming Aircraft, Access to Legislator Records, More
    March 17, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  25. In the Battle for Jobs, Subsidy Programs Shoot Blanks
    More subsidies won’t improve economy
  26. Statement on the FY2018 Federal Budget Blueprint
    Lots of details to work out, but budget deserves recognition
  27. Union Rules: Ineffective Teacher's Raise is 4x That of 'Teacher Of The Year'
  28. The Value of Pipelines (and Line 5) to Michigan
    Testimony from the Michigan Pipeline Safety Advisory Board
  29. Michigan Already Awash in Business Subsidies
    Lawmakers should reject latest proposal for more
  30. State Government Workforce Up First Time In 7 Years
  31. Extra Caution Needed On 'Average' Teacher Salary Claims
  32. Michigan Should Reject Special Corporate Developer Bills
    Senate bills 111-115 being considered
  33. Licensing: Fact vs. Fiction FAQ
  34. Michigan's Occupational Licensing Requirements
  35. License to (Not) Work: Mackinac Center Releases New Study on Occupational Licensing
    Assessing the impact of arbitrary licensing laws on the Michigan economy
  36. Average Teacher Pay in Macomb County's Utica District: $80k
  37. Best Teachers Take Pay Cut In This Big Michigan School District
  38. This Isn’t Working: How Michigan’s Licensing Laws Hurt Workers and Consumers

    Click here for a PDF of the full study.

    The Declaration of Independence lists the “pursuit of happiness” as one of Americans’ “unalienable rights.” For most, this includes the ability to pursue a vocation of their choice. But occupational licensure laws stand in the way of many people trying to exercise this right. For too many people, the right to pursue their dreams has been halted by governments that require them to jump through hoops, pay fees and meet other often arbitrary and inconsistent requirements.

    This report gathers data on every occupational license in Michigan. It describes the impact and costs of licensure laws, as documented in the empirical research that has been conducted on this issue. It explains how and why licensing requirements are typically created, but also outlines some of the fundamental problems with a broad licensing regime. Finally, it compares Michigan’s licensing requirements to those of other states and makes recommendations for how the state could reform occupational licensure for the benefit of job-seekers and entrepreneurs and for the state’s economy as a whole.

  39. Michigan Has Reversed the Flow of Interstate Migration with Illinois
    Illinois used to gain net population from Michigan
  40. The Secrecy of 'Pure Michigan'
  41. The Best-Paying Public School Districts In Michigan
  42. $135k To Study Insects Called ‘Great Lakes Restoration’
  43. HONEST Act – EPA Science and Transparency
    This should be ‘science 101’
  44. How We Use FOIA to Hold Government Accountable
    Happy ‘Sunshine Week’ 2017
  45. Republicans, Pursue Your Agenda with Gusto
    Advice for the Legislative majority
  46. Michigan Will Soon Restrict Real Estate Agents When Displaying Their Names
  47. Some Small Tax Breaks, But Total State Tax Collections Rise Faster
  48. Property Taxes Are Michigan Governments' Largest Money Maker
  49. How Many College Bureaucrats Does It Take To Answer A Records Request?
  50. Michigan Medicaid Patient Can't Find Care, So She Pays For Innovative Alternative
  51. Close To Immortal: Michigan Won't Close Failing Public Schools After All
  52. Governor’s Cyber School Cuts Don’t Add Up
    Online charters already perform OK for much less money
  53. Copper Mine Regulations, Parole and Probation Reforms, Expelled Lawmakers
    March 10, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  54. Sweeping Criminal Justice Reforms For Michigan
    After four long years of debate, change has finally arrived
  55. $750k 'Great Lakes' Grant Included Reverting Golf Course To Natural State
  56. Affluent School Districts Benefit From Expanded State 'At Risk' Spending
  57. Ridesharing Gets Rolling in Michigan
    Massive expansion after sensible regulations passed
  58. Applications Open for Second Detroit Children’s Business Fair
    Children ages 6-14 encouraged to apply
  59. Ideas Liberals and Conservatives Can Agree On
    Plenty of middle ground, even in a divisive political climate
  60. Having Police on Foot Patrols Benefits Communities, Experts Say
  61. Obscure Websites and Protecting Great Lakes
  62. Debate Resources: Public Forum Topic Posts
  63. Michigan House Considers Public Records Reform
    Expanding FOIA to include Legislature and Governor
  64. Justice Clarence Thomas Takes a Broadside at Civil Forfeiture
    Forfeiture is a big issue in Michigan
  65. More Transparency on the Way in Michigan
    Bills would subject legislators, governor to FOIA and require salaries be made public
  66. Here's Who Runs U-M Office that Took 106 Days To Release Four Emails
  67. Upper Peninsula Democrat Breaks With Party On Vote To Cut State Income Tax
  68. Foot Patrol Policing: Engaging Michigan Communities One Step at a Time

    As police departments seek to reduce crime, restore trust in law enforcement and improve the strained relationship between officers and civilians, many have begun shifting to more community-oriented operations.

  69. Union Behind Michigan ‘Dues Skim’ Facing More Corruption Allegations
    SEIU Healthcare Michigan has a history of problems
  70. Tax Hike Cost Michigan Households $1000
    Lawmakers can afford to lower taxes
  71. U-M Refuses to Disclose Its President's Politicking
  72. Baldwin High School Beats the Odds
    Unique rural community bolstered by college focus, innovative initiatives
  73. A Glimmer of Hope for Job-Seeking Ex-Offenders
    Corrections Department could hire former prisoners under proposed bill
  74. Give Michigan Drivers Relief from High Auto Insurance Premiums
  75. Michigan Taxpayers Don’t Need to Spend Another $4 Billion Annually on Infrastructure
  76. Regulatory Reform: Make Michigan a Job and Income-Growth Leader
  77. Schools' Double Whammy: Declining Enrollment, Soaring Pension Expense
  78. Great Lakes Cash 'Critical' — Really?
  79. /licensing -> /licensure
  80. Crime Scene Investigations, Guardians Bureau, Rails to Trails Liability
    March 3, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  81. Detroit Redefines 'Annual' To Take Much Bigger Income Tax Bite From Pro Athletes
  82. Miggy's City Income Tax Bill = $152,899
  83. Repressive Speech Codes At Michigan Community Colleges Model PC Universities
  84. Mackinac Center Sues University of Michigan Over Open Records Violation
    Journalist waits more than 100 days for university to supply four emails
  85. Detroit Policy From a Free-Market Perspective
    Ideas for the city in advance of the Detroit Policy Conference
  86. Most of These Republicans Ran On Low Taxes; But All Voted to Keep Them High
  87. This Isn't Working: How Michigan’s Licensing Laws Hurt Workers and Consumers
  88. Michigan Legislators Don’t Receive Pensions
    Now let’s solve the problem for the rest of government workers
  89. Foot Patrol Policing: Engaging Michigan Communities One Step at a Time
    Free event in Lansing to discuss community policing
  90. Environmental Policy Initiative
    Guiding Principles
  91. Michigan Can Afford a Tax Cut
    State revenue has grown for years
  92. Families Paying $1 Billion More In State Income Tax
  93. 'Gag Order' Put NMU On List of Anti-Free Speech Campuses
  94. Michigan Education Association Losing Members, Increasing Debt
    Union named one of five most ‘financially precarious’
  95. Use Extra Community College Money to Lower the Income Tax
    Taxpayer spending is up even as student numbers drop
  96. Real Class Credit for Taking 'Fake News' Course at University of Michigan
  97. Bottleneckers: Gaming the Government for Power and Private Profit

    A “bottlenecker” is someone who uses the power of the government to limit competition in the market and artificially boost their own profits. Bottleneckers use a variety of methods to achieve their goals, including tax loopholes, regulations, occupational licensing requirements, minimum wage laws and many more. The end result when these special interest bottleneckers succeed is fewer choices and higher prices for consumers, fewer job opportunities for workers and less innovation throughout the economy.

  98. Nation’s First Hearing on Worker’s Choice Bill Happens Tuesday
    Missouri Legislature considering idea first presented by Mackinac Center
  99. To Boost Jobs in Detroit, Cut Regulations
    Why the Motor City has so few plumbers
  100. Michigan Pays for Fudged Climate Data
    Fake news, meet settled science
  101. Teacher Making $53,000 Says She Could Earn More as a Waitress
  102. You're Paying $1.29 Billion More For This
  103. GOP Governor Thanks House GOP Tax Cut Opponents
  104. Liberal Group Says Income Tax Cut Means Cops and Firefighters May Not Show Up
  105. Don’t Cut Income Tax Rate; Do Redistribute $1.8 Billion to Big Developers
    February 24, 2017, MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  106. Compel School Districts to Reward Great Teachers
    Wisconsin study highlights benefits of performance pay
  107. Donor Privacy Policy
  108. One State May Do Away With Taxpayer-Funded Tourism Promotion
    Why ending Florida’s “Pure Michigan” counterpart would benefit residents and visitors
  109. Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling
    An update through 2015
  110. Studies of Government-funded Tourism Promotion Withstand Criticism
    Publicly-funded marketing for tourism is a waste of money
  111. Bottleneckers: Gaming the Government for Power and Private Profit
    Free Lansing luncheon Tuesday to discuss Michigan's regulatory structure
  112. These 12 Republicans Voted 'No' On Michigan Income Tax Cut
  113. These 20 Republicans Voted 'Yes' On Giving $1.8 Billion To Big Developers
  114. $28K Or Less For First-Year Teachers? Three Districts Pay That
  115. Michigan's Largest School Districts Breaking Teacher Pay Law
  116. Updated Research Affirms Link between Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling
    Interactive map shows taxes and smuggling by state
  117. Pushing Back Against Government Takings
    New bill would provide remedy for property violations
  118. Teacher Evaluations Out Of Sync With Outcomes
  119. Close Failing Public Schools? Not In Michigan — Yet
  120. Proposed Wind Turbines in Rural County Match States Tallest Skyscrapers
  121. Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling
  122. Windmills Tall as Skyscrapers Proposed for Rural Michigan County
  123. Average Annual Taxpayer Savings: $173.52
  124. House Republican Policy Plan Lays the Groundwork for Action
    Pensions, education, criminal justice all areas ripe for change
  125. New Subsidies More about Political Development than Economic Development
    Economic conditions matter more than giving targeted taxpayer dollars to developers
  126. Detroit Public Schools Goes Big For Teacher Merit Pay
  127. Michigan's $6.3 Billion Broken Promise
  128. State Pays More as Community College Tuition Rises, Enrollment Falls
  129. People First or Well Connected Developers?
    We should provide tax relief for all instead of favors to a select few
  130. Tax Cuts and Corporate Welfare
    February 17, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  131. Time for Labor Unions to Collect their Own Dues
    The on-going SEIU dues skim must end
  132. Michigan's 'Temporary' 2007 Tax Hike Took $770 Million Last Year
  133. How an 'Ineffective' Teacher Gets Third-Highest Pay Level
  134. Mackinac Center Analyst: Senate Bills 111-115 Are Corporate Cronyism
    LaFaive available to comment on pending legislation
  135. Sylvan Inn B & B v. Sleeping Bear Dunes Visitor Bureau
  136. Mackinac Center for Public Policy v. Department of Enviromental Quality
  137. Ronald Robinson v. Michigan Education Association
  138. Michigan's Worldwide Trading Economy
  139. Official ‘Bias Response’ Enforcers Stifle Michigan Universities
  140. Mackinac Center for Public Policy v. University of Michigan
  141. State Pension Funds Move To Risky Investments
    Lack of payoff on investments is biggest driver of underfunding
  142. Testimony: When Will Michigan Families Get Some Tax Relief Too?

    Testimony before the House Tax Policy Committee

  143. Mackinac Center Resumes Fight to Protect Free Speech Rights
    Northern Michigan inn owner sues to end unconstitutional marketing tax
  144. State Superintendent Claims First-Year Teachers Make $28K—We Can't Find Them
  145. Why Michigan Licensing Laws Are So Destructive
    Everything you need to know about occupational regulations in the Great Lakes State
  146. Happy Valentine’s Day from the Mackinac Center
    Our love for you in memes
  147. Number of Michigan Millionaires Grows 25-Fold
  148. Scofflaw School Districts Ignore Merit Pay Law, Face No Sanctions
  149. The InternNet
  150. Congress May Protect Private Pensions from State Bureaucrats
    Recent regulations allow states to create and manage retirement for private employees
  151. The Cost of High Cigarette Taxes
    Research reveals unintended consequences of tax
  152. Kentucky, Missouri Set Off Wave of Labor Reform
    2017 poised to be big year for worker freedom
  153. Loans From Corporate Welfare Agency Are, Like Its Job Promises, 'Uncollectible'
  154. Teacher Melts Down, Disrupts, Curses, Quits, Walks — And Files To Get Job Back
  155. Detroit Father Turns Boxing Interest Into Youth Enrichment Program
  156. School Hosts Advocacy Session for Tax Hike in Front of Students
    Politicking on the taxpayer dime
  157. Charitable Gambling, Special Needs Database, More Corporate Welfare
    February 10, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  158. State Budget Growth Outpaces Inflation
  159. Who Watches the Union’s Fake News Watchers?
  160. Trump is Wrong on Civil Forfeiture
    State should stop this end-run around the Constitution
  161. School Pension Iceberg: Beware What’s Under Budget Surface
  162. Higher Emissions Ahead: Closing Nuclear Plant Here Means More CO2
  163. Family Finds Online School to Be a Lifesaver
    Education accountability system needs to be parent-friendly
  164. IMPACT January/February 2017
  165. Michigan School Pension Costs Almost Quadrupled
  166. 'Tax Cut Fever' In Lansing? Spending Increases Show Opposite
  167. Legislators Should Give Taxpayers the Income Tax Cut They Deserve
    With revenues increasing, the state can easily afford to lower rates
  168. Mackinac Center Expert Available for Comment on FY 2018 Budget Release
    Fiscal policy analyst to be in Lansing Wednesday for Snyder’s presentation
  169. The Job No One Wants
  170. Officials Shortchange School Pension Fund 7th Year In Row
  171. Detroit Children's Business Fair Application
  172. National Labor Expert: Right-To-Work Just the Beginning for Missouri
    Show-Me State poised to become next Wisconsin for labor reform
  173. Delayed Payment On Granholm Early Pension Gambit Raises Costs To Taxpayers
  174. Detroit Window Washer Tax
  175. Where did the Money from Higher Transportation Taxes Go?
  176. Government Funding of Sports Arenas is an Expensive Psychological Boost
  177. A Better Way to Rank Schools
  178. Union Enlists a Mayor to Endorse Fabulist Claims on Teacher Pay
  179. Legislators Who Promote Transparency Should Start by Disclosing Corporate Welfare Deals
    MEDC secrecy patronizes lawmakers and public
  180. Senate Passes Probation and Parole Reforms
    February 3, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  181. Saginaw’s Lowest Performing Schools Get the Most Money
    More funding won’t fix failing schools
  182. And Then There Were 28
  183. Michigan House Bill Would Impose Sanctions On 'Sanctuary Cities'
  184. Michigan Wins When Immigrants Face a Fair and Predictable System
    Due process is an important part of an immigration system
  185. Michigan Taxpayers Don’t Need to Spend $4 Billion Annually on Infrastructure
    Recent report has been misinterpreted
  186. Open Records Law: U-M Cashes The Check But Fails To Deliver The Info
  187. The Pruitt EPA Nomination
    When worldviews clash
  188. Detroit’s Soccer Stadium Should Stand on its Own
    Stadiums are a bad investment for taxpayers
  189. 'Unregulated' Charter Schools? 13 Things You Did Not Know
  190. How ‘Good Character’ Provisions Create Bad Outcomes
    Barriers to employment can prevent some prisoners from reintegrating successfully
  191. Real Economy Creates 81 Jobs For Every 1 Promised by Business Subsidy Program
    Broad improvements to the business climate help more than special subsidies
  192. Michigan Environmental Office Repeatedly Stonewalls Record Requests
  193. Wasting No Time on Criminal Justice Reform
    Senate introduces some important proposals on day one of 2017 session
  194. Michigan Forfeiture Laws Improving, But State Transparency Still Falls Behind
  195. Public School Union Members Protest Their Own Union
  196. What This Russian College Student Thinks About Bernie Sanders
  197. State’s School Rankings Only Tell Part of Story
    By failing to account for poverty, Michigan unfairly puts some schools at bottom
  198. Detroit Schools Show Importance of School Choice
    Kids deserve more options, not fewer
  199. Recently Introduced Bills of Interest
    January 27, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  200. Federal Park Staffers Defy Presidential Order, Tweet Climate Change Warnings
  201. After Decades of Little Change, Why Are So Many States Going Right-to-Work?
  202. School Board Says DeVos 'Unfit' For Advocating Policies It Practices
  203. Ann Arbor Schools: First There Is No Teacher Merit Pay, Then There Is
  204. Ann Arbor School Board Member Weighs In On $150 Merit Pay
  205. What Happens When the Michigan Economic Development Corporation Ends?
    State could save millions by stopping ineffective subsidies
  206. Indiana Could See Cigarette Smuggling Leap with Excise Tax Increase
    Michigan may benefit from Hoosier hike
  207. Putting the Pieces in Place for School Choice
    Big picture points to more hopeful action
  208. Rising Economy Increased Michigan Tax Revenue More Than Gas Tax Hike
  209. Michigan College Busts Students For Giving Out U.S. Constitutions Without Permit
  210. Washington Post Bashes Detroit Charters Citing Study That Praises Detroit Charters
  211. Cheers for Detroit Schools Transparency
    District has come a long way
  212. Elect Speaker of the House; Names of Senators
    January 20, 2017 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report
  213. Mackinac Center Responds to State’s School Rankings
    State report confirms need for new grading system
  214. The Hypocrisy of 'Public' Education Rhetoric
    What’s being protected here: The Constitution or union dues?
  215. Speed Limits in Michigan Going Up
  216. Most Charters Perform 'Significantly Better' Than District Schools on Core Subjects
  217. DeVos, Charters, School Choice Threaten Democratic Party Finances
  218. Yesterday's Pension Underfunding Means Fewer Raises For Today's Teachers
  219. Government Growth Proposed in Gov. Snyder's 2017 State of the State
    Address included 12 proposed government expansions, one limitation
  220. DeVos Attacked For Supporting Free Speech, Due Process On Campus
  221. Incomes Rise in Right-to-Work Michigan; Officials Project More To Come
  222. Happy 50th Birthday Personal Income Tax
    Now go away
  223. Detroit Charters Far Outperform Traditional Schools
    Mackinac’s CAP scores align with rigorous research findings
  224. Mackinac Center Experts Available for Commentary on 2017 State of the State Address
    Policy analysts watching a wide range of topics
  225. State Officials Caused Michigan's Pension Crisis
  226. MCPP Recommendations 2017-2018
  227. President of Nation's Largest Teachers Union Got 23 Percent Pay Bump Last Year
  228. School Retirement System Continues to Harm Members
    Michigan's failed pension system is hurting school employees and taxpayers alike
  229. Lansing School District Ignores Law Requiring Teacher Merit Pay
  230. Michigan School Districts: We Have No Ineffective Teachers
  231. The 2016 Michigan Public High School Context and Performance Report Card
  232. Michigan Should End Civil Asset Forfeiture
    Require a criminal conviction before taking people’s property
  233. Resisting the Deforming Power of Government
    How to preserve the distinction between society and government
  234. 2016 Michigan Energy Roundup: Renewable Energy
    Final post in a series analyzing changes to Michigan's utility laws
  235. Clean Michigan Initiative Not the Only Remediation Fund
    Other sources for environmental clean-up eliminate need for further debt
  236. Court Rejects MDEQ’s Avoidance Tactics in Flint FOIA Lawsuit
    Motion to dismiss denied by State of Michigan Court of Claims
  237. New High School Rankings Available in Unique Report Card
    New High School Rankings Available in Unique Report Card
  238. Roseville Man Becomes Facebook Famous, and Criminally Liable, for Warming His Car
    Ignorance of the law is no excuse for leaving running vehicle unattended, police chief says
  239. The Law's the Law – Except When It Says Great Teachers Get Merit Pay
  240. Had Hillary Won, Granholm And Not DeVos Would Be Prepping for Confirmation
  241. How Education Secretary DeVos Could Help Michigan Advance Choice
    Two federal proposals that avoid dangerous overreach
  242. Kentucky Becomes Nation’s 27th Right-to-Work State
    Bluegrass State first of several likely to pass such legislation in 2017
  243. Number Getting Unemployment Checks Lowest In At Least 30 Years In Michigan
  244. Some Budget Ideas for 2017
  245. Be Wise in Deciding How to Spend Taxpayer Funds on Infrastructure
  246. Why Trade Schools Matter to Detroit
  247. Harvard Study Says Michigan Elections Less Democratic Than Cuba, North Korea, Iran
  248. Forward michigan-citizens-will-no-longer-have-to-pay-upfront-forfeiture-fee
  249. Mackinac Center, ACLU Applaud New Forfeiture Bill
    But call on state to require conviction
  250. Now People Won't Have to Pay a Bond to Recover Their Stuff from Police
  251. Where the Money from Higher Transportation Taxes Goes
    A bigger budget means more money for programs beyond road repair
  252. Truth Optional When Teachers Union Defends Its Turf
  253. A Salute to Thomas Sowell
    The great economist is retiring
  254. Protecting Electricity Choice
    2016 Michigan Energy Roundup
  255. In the Big Ten Conference of Migration Trends, Michigan Tops a Weak Division
  256. Michigan's Net Out-Migration Much Reduced But Still Negative
  257. Michigan Stagnates on Economic Freedom Index
    After big recent gains, this state stuck in neutral
  258. U-M Prof Hints Scholars Down On School Choice, But Twice As Many Optimistic
  259. Government, Heavy Industry No Longer Dominate Michigan Economy
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