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  1. Overcriminalization in Michigan

    Michigan’s vast, disorganized criminal law inherently places residents at risk of unintentionally violating a growing array of regulatory crimes that are difficult to discover and understand. The complexity of administrating such a criminal code threatens to divert scarce resources away from the enforcement of serious violent and property crimes. This event will feature ideas about how to protect Michigan residents from overcriminalization and improve the state’s criminal law.

  2. A Formula for Happiness with Arthur Brooks
    Join AEI president Arthur Brooks for a discussion on the intersection between work, happiness, and human flourishing. This event is co-sponsored by The Mackinac Center, AEI, and Acton.
  3. Michigan Turns 178

    A look back at the early days.

  4. Fixing Michigan's Budget-Killing School Employees' Pension Up in the Air
  5. National School Choice Week at the Capitol

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy and partner organizations cordially invite you to join us in celebrating National School Choice Week with an event from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Jan. 27, 2015, at the Capitol.

  6. Spalding Discusses School Choice

    Joined on WKAR by Democratic lawmaker.

  7. Two Cheers for Legislators on Licensing

    Good progress in 2013, more to be done.

  8. Labor Policy Expert Cited on Union Decline

    Vernuccio in Detroit News, Free Press.

  9. State Revenue Increasing by $640 Million
  10. The Costs and Benefits of Wind Energy: Competing Groups Hold Forums
  11. 88 New Bills in Four Days — a Sampler
    Ban local Uber bans, restrict religious freedom restrictions.
  12. Wind Energy Allegations Deserve Hearings

    Claims about efficiency, health hazards should be explored.

  13. Governor Signs Bill Freeing Up Market Approach to Health Care
  14. State Out Nearly $300M from Cigarette Smuggling

    Yet another unintended consequence of high excise taxes.

  15. Why Not Double the Prevailing Wage?

    Arbitrary rate does harm taxpayers, school districts.

  16. Open Letter to the Liquor Control Commission

    Abandon rules allowing industry price collusion.

  17. State Agency Wants $1,500 for a No-Cost Electronic File
  18. Mackinac Center Sues Michigan Liquor Control Commission Over FOIA Fees
  19. Despite Media Reports, Michigan's Revenues are Increasing
  20. Speed Limit Reform Died Last Year but May be Revived
  21. Another Tobacco Store Burglary Today

    Unintended consequence of high cigarette taxes.

  22. MEDC's New Program: Government Funding Government
  23. Point One Finger, Three are Pointing Back at You
  24. Gov. Snyder’s 2015 State of the State Address Included Six Proposed Government Expansions, One Limitation
  25. How Michigan Blew a Hole in its Budget
  26. Feds Take Step Forward on Asset Forfeiture

    Now state needs to step up.

  27. Michigan Sales Tax Hike Proposal May Provide Schools With Less
  28. Did the State Superintendent Advocate Detroit Schools Hire More Teachers?
  29. And They’re Off – Jan. 16 Legislature Report
    Hike taxes, extend term limits, repeal "prevailing wage"
  30. 'Big Oil' and Climate Change

    Debunking an urban myth.

  31. Center Research Cited in Washington Post

    New cigarette smuggling study released.

  32. State Superintendent Advocates Hiring More Teachers in Detroit
  33. Legislature Looks at Repealing Prevailing Wage

    Center experts made suggestion 20 years ago.

  34. 'Blown Away' Program Prolonged

    Corporate welfare program a continued failure.

  35. MEGA Fail: Progress Michigan Bashes Republican Governor for Democratic Governor’s Program
  36. Awarded Millions, Wind Turbine Company Defaults on State Loan
  37. Analysis: High Cigarette Taxes Contributing to Increased Smuggling Rates in Michigan, Elsewhere
  38. Cigarette Smugglers Still Love New York and Michigan, but Illinois Closing In
  39. Renewable Energy Advocate Falsely Claims Industry is not Supported by Taxpayer Dollars
  40. Government Against Itself: Public Union Power and Its Consequences

    Please join the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in welcoming Daniel DiSalvo, assistant professor of Political Science at The City College of New York-CUNY and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute's Center for State and Local Leadership.

  41. Michigan's Pension Underfunding Problem
  42. A Fresh Angle: Taking on 'Big Wind' With Competition
  43. MEA Gives Update on Cyberbullying Bill While Still Bullying Ex-Members
  44. ‘Tax Cut Fever’ – Never Burning Hot

    Has tax cut phobia gripped Lansing?

  45. A Presidential Flip Flop
  46. Five Years Later, Granholm's Green Economic Vision has Failed to Materialize
  47. The Mackinac Center, Policy, and Politics

    Setting the record straight

  48. Despite 'Tax Cut Fever,' State Revenue Grows by Billions
  49. LaFaive on WKZO in Kalamazoo

    Discussed migration, legislative priorities and roads.

  50. 'Green Energy' Companies Awarded $231 Million Created Just 44 Full-Time Jobs
  51. Doctors Accepting More Medicaid Patients – for Now
  52. Union Tries to Block Election that Would Decertify it
  53. Detroit Homicide Rate isn't the Lowest Since 1967, Despite TV Station's Claim
  54. A Better School Just a Mile Away, but Parents Don't Get a Choice
  55. Charter School Student Enjoying Success at Stanford

    Detroit student had been accepted to several top universities.

  56. Statewide Media Attention for Missed Votes Report

    How did your legislator do?

  57. Plan for Green Energy Biogas Facility in Reed City 'Just Dies'
  58. He's the Best Man for the Job, and So is His Brother
  59. Huron County Looks at Wind Turbine Moratorium
  60. Dear Taxpayer: Does This 'Bug' You?

    Politicians often focus on less important matters

  61. Happy New Year! It’s Time for Tax Cuts
  62. Center Report Card Puts School Performance in Context
  63. Bowl-ing for Dollars
  64. What is a 'Green Job'? Advocates Won't Say
  65. As Conventional Public Schools Fail Transparency Law, Charters are Targeted
  66. In or Out? How is Michigan Doing Among Other States?

    New United Van Lines National Movers Study released.

  67. How Would You Spend an Extra $130?

    How would you spend an extra $130?

  68. Politicians Don’t Guide the Economy, You Do
    Economic growth starts with the individual, not the state.
  69. No, Michigan is Not Projected to Run a Deficit
  70. Union Threatens School District for Removing Illegal Language From Contracts
  71. The Best of the Best: CapCon's Top 10 Stories of 2014
  72. Happy New Year!

    The perfect time for tax cuts.

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