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March 3, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call

Pension debt, double-dipping, film subsidies

… Actions: Terminate State Film Subsidies On … state subsidies to film producers. Specifically, … number of full time film industry jobs in the … million allocated for film subsidies. Gov. Rick … more

March 13, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call

Crime punishment, film subsidies, more

… 4122 , Terminate state film producer subsidies: … state subsidies to film producers (for which … more

Mackinac Research Featured in Wall Street Journal

Hohman and Skorup cited on film subsidies

… end of the Michigan film producer subsidies. The film incentives program, … more

Hohman on Film Incentives

Price tag of $500 million for no industry growth

… ineffectiveness of Michigan s film incentive program. The … that would repeal the film incentive program. The … $500 million on the film subsidies and is authorized … gained no permanent film industry jobs more

Plot to Kill Film Credits Begins to Look Plausible

… chance that Michigan s film subsidy program will … something like the film credits would be something … something like the film credits. Clearly … a major reason the film credits hadn t been … more

Hey! Is that Brad Pitt in the Frozen Food Aisle?

Almost every argument in favor of film subsidies is wrong

… state's subsidies to film producers . ForTheRecord … are about to kill the film industry in this state, … taxpayer dollars to film producers. Michigan … pictures since Michigan s film subsidy program began … more

Michigan May Send Film Credits to the Cutting Room Floor

Bill looks to end subsidies, $500 million and no job gains later

… originally appropriated for film production subsidies … Katie Carey said the film credit program has … find that with the film credits, that's one … $494.4 million on the film credit program from … more

House Vote on Terminating Michigan Film Producer Subsidies

House rejects $50 million per year program

… state tax dollars to film-production companies. … had 1,663 full-time film-industry jobs in 2008, … requiring any leftover film subsidy money be used … losses from a past film-related deal. The Granholm … more

What Happened in Five Days?

State Rep. Mary Rose Robinson changes her mind on corporate film subsidies

… eliminate Michigan s film credits. I know … more

Will Michigan GOP Continue Michael Moore Film Subsidies?

Program is a waste of taxpayer money

In 2011, left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore sat … council for the Michigan Film Office. The office is … costs for his 2009 film Capitalism: A Love … million from Michigan s film subsidy program. In … more