Digital Learning

Detroit Service Learning Academy distributes business cards to promote the "A" it received from the Mackinac Center's Context and Performance Report Card.

This Web tool provides context and performance data for all standard Michigan public high schools. The database is interactive and can be sorted by county, locale, school, subject test, graduation rate, percentage of students eligible for free and reduced lunch, and more. ...more

In the passionate debates over providing equal educational opportunity for all children, it’s frequently argued that large financial inequities create challenges for many public schools, particularly those in lower-income urban areas. This study compares the revenues and operating expenditures of Michigan’s urban, suburban, town and rural school districts. The study’s findings provide a new and unique perspective on Michigan’s school districts. ...more

Virtual learning doesn’t just involve using computers at school; it involves a new method of instructing students. Virtual instruction is provided by teachers working remotely or by specially designed software — or both — and delivered to students through computers or the Internet. Virtual learning is not for every student, but it’s not science fiction, either. This study analyzes the financial costs and academic benefits of virtual learning, and it explores how this innovation could further benefit Michigan public school students. ...more

Michigan’s state-run school system is the largest and most expensive government service taxpayers support. It employs more than 350,000 people who work in one of the more than 4,100 different entities. The total amount this system expends each year adds up to more than $20 billion. Given the enormity and complexity of the system, it’s no surprise that a number of myths exist about how public schools are funded. Read the report or watch the videos. ...more