LANSING —State Representative Pat Gagliardi (Drummond Island) has taken a great interest in the awarding and review of state contracts. According to the Michigan Information & Research Service, Inc., Gagliardi has used his position as chair of the House Oversight and Ethics Committee to question directors and executives from several state departments for "the state’s questionable contracting process."

With respect to the recent liquor privatization, Gagliardi stated, "there are people doing services the state used to do without bidding for them, they’re under no contract for performance, there’s a lot of talk about saving money with no proof. And there’s still some problem with deliveries under the new system." He continued, "There’s $600 million in liquor business being done in this state without a competitive bid, and no performance contract on the delivery of it by the wholesaler."

Michael LaFaive, managing editor of the Michigan Privatization Report, applauded Gagliardi. "It’s a pleasure to see state leaders concerned with the proper implementation of privatization strategies."