For 25 years, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy has prided itself in advancing liberty and opportunity for all people. For this year’s 25th Anniversary Gala, themed “Liberty Changes Lives,” we will be featuring stories of how liberty improves the well-being of all those with whom it comes in contact. With that in mind, we want to share some favorite “Mackinac Moments” over the years from those who work here, laugh here, and can officially put professional freedomfighter” on their resume.


“Standing with my colleagues on the capitol lawn during the right-to-work protests.”

Mike Reitz
Executive Vice President


“Going into Detroit and getting to honor some of the teachers and administrators for performing so well.” 

Dan Armstrong
Marketing and Communications Team Leader


“I’ve been with the Mackinac Center since 1999, and am of the Larry Reed generation. … Because I have worked at the Center for this long, it has been very evident that the Overton  indow does, in fact, work. The freedom to choose the best educational setting for a child, the freedom to choose to leave a union that isn’t being of service, the freedom to use a piece of property as one wishes, the freedom to receive untaxed income that can be used for personal  goals and charity, the benefits of reducing corporate welfare to encourage free-market competition and reducing personal welfare to encourage self-improvement – these are the things  that will bring Michigan to a higher place with yet-unimagined opportunity.”

Kara Malkowski
Member Services Assistant


“It would be easier to pull together a top 5 favorite moments at the Mackinac Center, but I did love  it when our social media staff hit the ground running and managed to get our most video hits ever, as well as nods from a number of national online and print publications, on a “hot dog” video.  It was the story of a young boy who tried to open a hot dog stand in Holland, Mich., and was shut down by the city government initially. The video spoke to an unexpected number of people, which is what made it special.  Everyone was behind that little kid to give him a hand up.”

Lindsey Dodge