Supreme Court Justice Keynote Speaker on Milton Friedman Legacy Day

Justice Brian Zahra talks licensing reform

Justice Zahra

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy and Northwood University welcomed Supreme Court Justice Brian K. Zahra as the keynote speaker for Friedman Legacy Day, an event celebrating the life and free market ideas of economist Milton Friedman, who would have been 101 years old Wednesday.

Justice Zahra was introduced by former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice and current Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Mackinac Center Clifford W. Taylor.

Zahra reflected on Chapter 9 of Milton Friedman's 1962 book Capitalism and Freedom. In it, Friedman advocates for the elimination of licensure for those who want to practice medicine.

You can read Zahra's commentary on the issue and his entire address given on the campus of Northwood University in Midland July 31, 2013, here.

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