The Michigan House and Senate passed right-to-work  bills tonight aimed at preventing workers from having to financially support a union as a condition of employment.

House Bill 4054 passed 58-42 and Senate Bill 116 passed 22-16.

Earlier in the day, Gov. Rick Snyder said he would sign the bills when they get to his desk, which could be Tuesday.

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Reaction from legislators included: 

Senator John Gleason, D-Flushing: "It's a sad day in Michigan, folks. The first of the Right to Work bills has passed in the Senate. We did our best to fight it, as did the wonderful men and women who filled the Capitol today."

Representative Kevin Daley, R-Attica: "Every person in Michigan deserves the right to join or not join, support or not support, any group or cause they choose. It is a fundamental, constitutional right. It is a simple matter of fairness in order to provide for your family."

For the latest on Michigan's right-to-work bills, check out and

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